The HA OLD-TIMERS' CLUB of the RADIOTECHNIKA magazine issues the SZENT ISTVAN (St. Steven the I.) AWARD to celebrate the millenary existence of the Hungarian state and the 1000 years jubilee of the coronation of St. Steven, the first king of Hungary.

Hereby we kindly invite the radio amateurs and listeners of the world to take part in this award program to obtain this award.

Issued by: with the consent of the Hungarian Radio Amateur Society (MRASZ) The HA OLD-TIMERS' CLUB of the RADIOTECHNIKA magazine.

Applicants: private radio amateurs, club stations and listeners from any country.

To facilitate the collection of the necessary points or contacts and to obtain the award, every year an activity period will be held between 10 and 20 August. Additionally, a commemoration cup will be awarded every year to the radio amateur who made the highest number of contacts during this activity period, on the basis of the LOG extract submitted.

Conditions: any two way contacts are valid under the following conditions:

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