W-18-Z award

To obtain the W-18-Z award is necessary to make QSO with stations of the Russian oblates situated in the WAZ zone 18: UA9H (TO ex 158), UA9O (NS ex 145), UA9U (KE ex 130), UA9Y (AL ex 99), UA9Z (GA ex 100), UA0A (KK ex 103), UA0B (TM ex 105), UA0H (EW ex 106), UA0O (BU ex 85), UA0S (IR ex 124), UA0U (CT ex 166), UA0W (HA ex 104), UA8T (UO ex 174) , UA8V (AB ex 175).

The award has three classes.

QSL of the SWL located in the zone 18 are valid for the award purposes. There are not restrictions as for the QSO date, modes and bands.

A SWL can obtain the award on the same conditions.

The application should be sent to: O.A.Maljavskij , UA9UAX, Box 1, Topki, Kemerovskaja obl, 652320 Russia with a complete log extract.

The award fee is 5 USD or 10 IRC.

e-mail: ua9uax@kuzbass.net

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